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Protecting the rights of a creative work is a contractual issue that needs to be dealt with in an express written contract that is agreed upon by all parties who took part in creating the work.
Inserting the TALI Clause into the agreement is a necessary condition to protect rights in order to receive royalties; but in itself, the TALI Clause does not ensure receipt of royalties.

To ensure that other clauses and provisions in the agreement and its appendices do not retract, negate or override the TALI clause, TALI provides its members legal counsel, before signing the final contract, in regard to copyright protection. Use of this service, free of charge to TALI members, prevents the need to correct the agreement retroactively – which can delay the distribution of royalties to the creator.

TALI members interested in legal counsel prior to signing the agreement with the commissioner of the work, are invited to send the final draft of the agreement to TALI’s lawyers, with all commercial provisions redacted. In addition, for privacy protection, any other information irrelevant to copyright protection can be erased, redacted or left out. An agreement without redacted commercial provisions will not be reviewed!

TALI’s lawyers make sure that the relevant royalty rights have been protected in the agreement by the author as required. After sending the legal opinion to the members, the draft agreements will be promptly deleted.

It is important to note that the legal counsel provided by the TALI to its members focuses solely on protecting the rights represented by TALI and therefore is not a substitute for consulting with other professionals such as lawyers, agents, accountants, etc.

Other questions about legal counsel to regarding rights protection can be sent to Merav Klein – Head of Members, Rights and Documentation – Telephone – 03-5669574 extension 106

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