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A necessary step to ensure receipt of royalties is protection of the copyrights of the work by inserting a TALI Clause to each contract and agreement between the creatorand the commissioner or the intended user of the work . Without proof of copyright protection, the member is not eligible to royalties paid by TALI for use of the work.

To ensure that copyright protection has been done correctly, as well as ensuring that there are no other clauses in the contract that contradict the TALI Clause, TALI provides legal counsel to its members free of charge. This is when TALI lawyers check the draft of the contract and insert corrections when needed.

Please note that the legal counsel that TALI provides focuses solely on copyright protection.

Regarding existing oral agreements in which the creator has not waived his/her rights to royalties, the creatoeis invited to sign in front of the one of TALI’s lawyers an affidavit (a binding legal document) testifying to this.

Once the determination that legal rights have been protected is made, the creative work will fall under the category eligible for royalty distribution by TALI for various usage of the work starting on the day the member had joined TALI, and continuing into the future, up to 70 years after the death of the creator to his/her legal heirs.

In the event that rights have not been protected in the agreement, a TALI lawyer will draft a corrective addendum to the signed contract – which will apply the TALI Clause and require the parties’s signature. Once the addendum is signed, the entire contract will be submitted for another check and from the moment the lawyer certifies the addendum, the author is entitled to royalties – retroactively for 7 years from the day of distribution (as long as the author has been a TALI member during those years).

In addition, and in accordance with the guidelines of the Competition Authority, the author is required to approve the transfer of rights to TALI for each and every work separately, and to confirm the information about it – as appears in TALI’s database – genre, length of work and the percentage distribution between the various creators of the work.

The approval procedure can be done in the “Personal Area” of the author on TALI’s website

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