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TALI distributes the royalties to screenwriters and directors at a number of specific dates during the year due to the vast number of licensees that use the works. At every payment date, the royalties are calculated for the represented works that were broadcast in the relevant distribution period.

The royalties are directly transferred to the members’ bank accounts – or to their legal heirs.
The royalties can be paid to a company account as long as the company is fully owned by the member, and providing the company has been registered, as required by TALI, to receive the royalties.
To prevent the delay of royalty payments, please make sure that your bank account details are updated in TALI’s database.

Please note that the law requires reporting this royalty income and consulting an accountant regarding your income from royalties is necessary.

After payment, TALI emails a detailed payment report that includes details about the broadcasted works, the bank account to which the payment was transferred, the payment and deducted tax.

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