About Tali

TALI, The Collecting Society of Film and Television Creators in Israel Ltd. [Hevrat HaTamlugim shel Yotzrei HaKolnoa ViHaTelevizia BiYisrael], is the copyright collective for Israeli screenwriters and directors.  
TALI was founded in 2000 by the community of Israeli screenwriters and directors led by the scriptwriter Avi Shemesh (C.E.O. of TALI until 2008 and after then Chairman 2008-2012 (and the director Ori Inbar who initiated the straggle for recognizing the director as author (Chairman until 2005).
The shareholders of TALI are the artists themselves, with each screenwriter and director, veteran and newcomer alike, holding an identical and equal share.

Tali Conference for new joiners. photograph: Merav Klein
TALI manages the public performance rights, leasing rights, broadcast rights and public access rights, as well as the rights to collect blank media levies with regard to the screenplays and directed works of its members. 
TALI collects royalties for the use of its members’ works within the State of Israel and distributes them among its members in accordance with a formula whose parameters are known. It has established a database about its members’ works, through which it manages the reporting, the use of the works and the distribution of royalties.

Membership in TALI does not require a membership fee; its overhead costs are deducted from the royalties paid by the users. Each TALI member has full control over the number of screenplays and/or directed works, or rights to them, that he turns over to TALI’s management, and he can exclude any works or rights at any stage.

TALI’s repertoire includes, among other items:

* Dramatic works, including feature films, TV drama specials and dramatic series;
* Documentary works at least 25 minutes long, including documentary films and news documentaries;
* Entertaining documentary works at least 25 minutes long, including reality films and those made via hidden camera;
* Entertainment works with dramatic elements, including comedy sketches and stand-up comedy;
* Children’s programs with dramatic elements;
* Music videos (video clips), produced especially for a song and which include performance of the song, or a film of a song made during a live performance.
TALI has licensing agreements with various users, including broadcasters, internet sites, cellular providers and other companies that use audio-visual works. In this context TALI has licensing agreements with: Channel 10, Keshet, Reshet, YES, HOT, the Israel Broadcasting Authority, Educational Television, Walla, Mako, Partner (Orange), Cellcom, Pelephone, and others

Organizational Structure

TALI is headed by a 10-member board of directors. Avi Shemesh, one of the organization’s founders, is chairman of the board. The board is meant to include five screenwriters and five directors (though today it actually numbers five screenwriters and three directors).
Under the board is the CEO, who is responsible for implementing the policy of the board, and under the CEO there are two departments: the Membership and Documentation Department and the Finance and Disbursal Department. The company has eight employees.

Company Activities

* Conducting negotiations with potential users and concludes licensing agreements with them for the use of works TALI manages in exchange for royalties.
* Follow-up, documentation, and systematic record-keeping on the use of works in TALI’s repertoire, and monitoring user reports.
* Collecting royalties and disbursing them to members, producing accounts according to a transparent distribution index.
* Assisting and advising members in all areas regarding protection of their royalty rights.
* Enforcing members’ rights, which includes taking legal action against users who violate these rights.
* Lobbying for legislation and regulation to promote and recognize the rights of screenwriters and directors.
* Representing Israeli audio-visual artists in international organizations.
TALI represents nearly 1,500 artists who are shareholders.
TALI manages an estimated 100,000 Israeli audiovisual works. (TALI’s database currently contains only those works that were used in recent years, a total of 65,000.)
Each year, some 11,000 works are added to TALI’s repertoire.